Borgin and Burkes Keychain

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“All he could tell was that he was standing in the stone fireplace of what looked like a large, dimly lit wizard's shop — but nothing in here was ever likely to be on a Hogwarts school list.” - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Keychain Specs:

3 1/2 inches tall

Mahogany 1/8 Wood

Tung Oil Finish

Laser Engraved Designs

Double Sided with Electric Pin Company Backstamp

Does not include a key

*This item is handmade. No two will be exactly the same.*

Design elements licensed from © Bear & Blue, modified and crafted by © Electric Pin Company for sale.

Not a licensed or official Wizarding World or Harry Potter product.

Electric Pin Company does not agree with or support J.K Rowling’s stance on trans women and men and stands in support and solidarity with all our LGBTQIA+ family members. Trans Women ARE Women. Trans Men ARE Men.