“Wizard Card" Enamel Pin

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In collaboration with Utterly Magical, we bring you a pin that will make a stunning addition to any Harry Potter collection -- you can even swap out Newt’s portrait and add a photo of your favorite witch, wizard or mythical beast (I see you Hufflecat)!

Pin Specs:
Removable antique portrait illustration of Newt Scamander.
Metal work with a stunning gold finish.

Hard enamel with translucent enamel to see underlying metal inlays.
Double posted with rubber clutches.
Electric Pin Company & Utterly Magical back stamp.


Photos are only representative of the pin and are not indicative of the quality.

All sales are final. Grading system has been explained so by purchasing you are acknowledging said system.

Not a licensed or official Wizarding World or Harry Potter product.
Electric Pin Company does not agree with or support J.K Rowling’s stance on trans women and men and stands in support and solidarity with all our LGBTQIA+ family members. Trans Women ARE Women. Trans Men ARE Men.

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