"Zeno" (B-Grade)

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Depicted in this pin, Zeno Zoldyck is using a powerful Transmutation Nen combination of Dragon Head (龍頭戯画) and Dragon Lance (牙突); the sign on his shirt says "Never Retire" (生涯現役)

Pin Specs:
60mm (2.3 inches)
Hard Enamel with Purple Translucent Enamel, Sandblasting and Under Enamel Manipulation on Nen Dragon
Black Nickel Metal Finish
Double posted with rubber clutches.
Electric Pin Company backstamp and numbered. 

Not a licensed or official Hunter x Hunter product.

NOTE: Photos are not indicative of the quality, the photos are from their regular listings.

Some of these pins may come with a tiny smudge or ding and I'm too much of a perfectionist to sell them at full price.  But, they're still awesome and usually I'm the only one who notices the flaw. Please keep that in mind when purchasing; all b-grades are not created equally. 

Here are examples of what to expect on some of the more worse off b-grades:

    Budget-friendly pins. These pins have majorly visible defects/flaws; multiple/large specks of enamel, missing enamel, scuffing, and/or discoloration.


      • Chipped metal plating
      • Large dents or scratches on metal plating
      • Wrong enamel fill colors
      • Missing Enamel
      • Low-fill on enamel in large areas
      • Excessive bubbles, scratches, or dents in enamel
      • Discoloration or staining of enamel
      • Excessive scratches on epoxy topcoat

      All sales are final. Grading system has been explained so by purchasing you are acknowledging said system.


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