"Aoba Johsai" Haikyuu!! Flight Tag

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Durable and stylish design; add some Haikyuu!! flair to your keys with our "Aoba Johsai" keychain

Elevate your drip and soar to new heights with this must-have woven key chain. Our "Aoba Johsai" Haikyuu!! keychain is made with durable materials that will stand up to daily wear and tear. The stylish design is sure to catch the eye of fellow Haikyuu!! fans and anyone who appreciates great design. It's the perfect accessory for your keys, backpack, purse. or luggage.

Aoba Johsai also known as Seijoh's Volleyball Team is represented as plants (the characters for "aoba" can also be read as "green leaf") or as a kingdom with Oikawa as the king and the other players as knights.

Keychain Specs:
5in x 1in
woven keychain with keyring and lobster clasp

Not a licensed or official Haikyuu!! product.

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